LeBron James entertains idea that Bronny’s viral dunk had Dwyane Wade vibes

Jonathan Sherman
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LeBron James’ son Bronny has been getting a lot of attention from the media lately after a video of him completing a monster dunk in an exhibition game went viral.

Some expressed a belief that the younger James’ dunk resembled a slam that his four-time MVP father threw down years ago.

However, the elder James himself recently took to social media to promote a brief analysis of the youngster’s dunk that actually concluded that it more closely resembled some dunks from Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade.


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LeBron James, Bronny James and Dwyane Wade

It would not be all that surprising to learn that the younger James has learned a trick or two from Wade. After all, Wade and the elder James are very close friends and used to be teammates in the NBA.

Near the end of the Instagram video above, the creator poses a question about whether the younger James’ NBA comparison is actually Wade. Of course, any teenage baller with NBA dreams would flip at such a comparison.

Though the younger James is indeed talented, it may be a bit too early to make that comparison. However, he’d surely love to get there one day.

The younger James’ vision, basketball IQ and shooting appear to be his top strengths. However, his recent dunk also proved that his physical ability is absolutely something to keep an eye on.

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