LeBron James Admits He Looks Like ‘Damn Fool’ Doing TikTok With His Kids

Jonathan Sherman
1 Min Read

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has a lot more time on his hands these days, and that’s led to some hilarious moments with his family on social media.

Most notably, the four-time MVP has appeared in his children’s TikTok videos.

Never afraid to poke fun at himself, James took to Twitter on Thursday night to admit that he’s still not fully comfortable with his new TikTok stardom.

Since the NBA paused action due to the novel coronavirus, James has posted regularly to social media. Surely, some of this is a product of typical boredom.

However, it is also likely that stars such as James are posting regularly to try to keep the spirits of their fans all over the world high during this difficult time.

James using TikTok with his kids isn’t the only thing he’s been up to. According to Lakers head coach Frank Vogel, James has been working out like a “madman” while the NBA season has been on pause.

Hopefully, the ample exercise will keep James ready for when the NBA season resumes sometime in the future.

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