LeBron and D. Wade return stunning statements to T-Mac’s assertion that K.D. and Kyrie are more skilled

Justin Benjamin
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Former NBA superstar Tracy McGrady recently shared that he believes Brooklyn Nets titans Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving make up an unparalleled duo.

In addition, the Hall of Famer had the temerity to state that the Nets’ stars couldn’t even be touched by Los Angeles Lakers alpha LeBron James and Miami Heat icon Dwyane Wade from a skill perspective.

The audacious claim went around the internet quickly. In fact, it didn’t take long for James and Wade to take note of the statement, though their reactions were a bit surprising.

Clearly, Wade and James took no umbrage to McGrady’s bold claim. After all, the future Hall of Famers have seen Irving’s and Durant’s amazing abilities up close on multiple occasions.

James, 37, played alongside Irving for three years on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The four-time MVP helped lead the Cavs to a championship over the Golden State Warriors in 2016. Irving played a huge role in helping topple the historic Warriors that year as well.

While Irving’s astonishing departure from Cleveland in 2017 included slights at James, he’s since received massive amounts of praise and support from his former teammate.

James has also played next to Durant on Team USA and against him in the NBA Finals a handful of times. Durant is a basketball savant from a scoring perspective.

Still, James and Wade own much acclaim from what they were able to do on the floor together. The pair won two championships during their time with the Heat, including one over Durant in 2012.

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