Kyle Kuzma gushes over LeBron James’ incredible endurance at 36: ‘That dude’s a beast’

Robert Marvi
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Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is one of the greatest physical specimens in the history of all sports, and he continues to find ways to remind everyone of that fact.

After the Lakers won their third straight overtime game, forward Kyle Kuzma gushed over the incredible stamina that the universe has gifted James with.

For the second straight game, the Lakers fell behind to the Oklahoma City Thunder, a squad that is not exactly a juggernaut. It took a late rally in both contests for L.A. to survive in overtime.

On Wednesday, the four-time MVP had a “quiet” outing with 25 points, six rebounds and seven assists. Two nights before in the Lakers’ first game against the Thunder, James had a triple-double.

On the team’s recent seven-game road trip, he said that he doesn’t “get tired” and that he doesn’t “even think about” suffering from fatigue.

James’ endurance isn’t just about his superior physical qualities, but also about how he tirelessly maintains his body.

He reportedly spends over $1 million a year and is diligent about getting at least eight to nine hours of sleep a night to keep himself in prime physical condition.

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