Report: Lakers Among 11 Los Angeles Sports Teams Launching Incredible Social Justice Initiative

Brad Sullivan
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The Los Angeles Lakers are one of 11 sports teams in the greater Los Angeles area that will be part of a new organization, The ALLIANCE: Los Angeles, in an effort to further the cause of social justice.

While details will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead, the effort is the latest acknowledgment by the sports world of the need for greater opportunities for persons of color.

In the past few months, the issue of social justice has taken on greater importance due to the tragic deaths of individuals of color due to unchecked police brutality.

The NBA has been especially cognizant of the need for greater awareness of the issue and is allowing players to wear social justice messages on their uniforms when play resumes later this month. The focus on social justice is partly due to the fact that the league is predominantly made up of African-American players.

Within the past few weeks, Lakers forward Anthony Davis indicated that the opportunity for players to further social justice while playing in Orlando, Fla. is something that he believes could “change the world.”

Davis’ teammate, LeBron James, has also been quite vocal on social justice concerns in recent years, though both players are currently focusing their energies on the resumption of the 2019-20 season.

For the Lakers, that official start will take place on July 30, when they take on the Los Angeles Clippers. While the Lakers and Clippers are working together on The ALLIANCE: Los Angeles project, the only on-court concern for both teams in that contest will be to win the game.

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