Anthony Davis Offers Inspiring Reason Why NBA Will Be Able to 'Change the World' From Inside Bubble - Lakers Daily

Anthony Davis Offers Inspiring Reason Why NBA Will Be Able to ‘Change the World’ From Inside Bubble

Anthony Davis Lakers Kyle Terada / USA TODAY Sports

According to Los Angeles Lakers big man Anthony Davis, the resumption of the 2019-20 NBA season brings more than just an opportunity to play competitive basketball again.

In fact, he believes it brings about an opportunity to change the world.

Davis spoke about how social justice concerns can be better addressed through the collective ideas and opinions of players. The bubble concept in place for the upcoming games provides players a chance to interact frequently off the court, which Davis believes can have lasting benefits.

“I think we’re stronger together,” Davis said. “I think we’re able to have more people in the room from other teams [in Orlando] and receive other ideas and figure out how we can change the world. What can we do individually and what can we do as a unit to make change, and I think the more people we have, the more minds we have, the more ideas and thoughts we can come up with to kind of change the world and change what’s going on.”

Of course, when the players are facing each other on the court, such concerns will be temporarily put aside as teams battle for a championship.

However, the many hours of inactivity for teams and enclosed surroundings that players will be dealing with can make for a perfect recipe to hash out concrete ideas on how to address continuing societal problems.

In recent months, a number of different players have spoken out about the recent racial turmoil and continuing problems of police brutality, including Davis’ Lakers teammate, LeBron James.

Given the wide platform that players like Davis have, the hope is that such discussions can deliver the sort of impact that the Lakers superstar envisions.