Kyle Kuzma unveils the ugly truth about Lakers fans after LeBron James and others get berated at home

Brad Sullivan
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Former Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma offered his thoughts on the trash-talking that took place during the Lakers game on Sunday.

LeBron James and other members of the Lakers exchanged words with fans.

The Lakers ended up getting clobbered by the New Orleans Pelicans on Sunday by a score of 123-95. The loss marked L.A.’s latest embarrassing defeat.

Exactly when in the game the different interactions between fans and players took place isn’t certain. However, the majority of the night was ugly for L.A.

The Pelicans held a 51-40 halftime advantage before outscoring the Lakers 44-25 during the third quarter.

Kuzma, who’s now with the Washington Wizards, was part of the deal that brought veteran guard Russell Westbrook to the Lakers. As seen in the video, Westbrook was involved in some of the drama with fans on Sunday.

When the deal was made, the addition of Westbrook was seen as a key piece in the Lakers’ efforts to win another NBA title.

Instead, Westbrook’s chemistry problems with his Lakers teammates as well as key injuries to players like Anthony Davis have led to plenty of frustration for Lakers fans.

Kuzma spent the first four seasons of his NBA career with the Lakers. During his first two years with the team, the Lakers failed to make the postseason. L.A.’s shortcomings during that period of time presumably led to plenty of bitter comments from fans directed toward Kuzma and his then-teammates.

With the Wizards this season, Kuzma is thriving as a starter for the team. In 57 games, he’s averaged 17.0 points, 8.8 rebounds and 3.1 assists per game. The Wizards are currently battling for an Eastern Conference postseason bid with a 27-33 record.

That’s the same record that the Lakers have. L.A. will face the Dallas Mavericks at home on Tuesday night. Whether or not more trash-talking is on tap likely depends on the Lakers’ performance in the contest.

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