Kyle Kuzma lets it be known that he wants to see Marc Gasol get more playing time for Lakers

Brad Sullivan
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After LeBron James again was sidelined by ankle trouble during Sunday’s game, Kyle Kuzma suggested the Marc Gasol should become a more visible part of the Los Angeles Lakers’ rotation.

“I wish we could get a little bit more time out there with Marc,” Kuzma said. “That’d be something that would be pretty good for us, for sure.”

James was only in his second game back after suffering a high ankle sprain in March and has been ruled out of Monday’s game against the Denver Nuggets. The Lakers’ precarious playoff situation is likely one reason why Kuzma is making his feelings known.

Right now, the Lakers are 36-28 on the season, have dropped six of their last seven games and are running the risk of being relegated to the play-in portion of this season’s revamped playoff setup.

Even if the Lakers avoid that situation, James’ continued injury concerns continue to compound the team’s efforts to defend their NBA title.

Gasol joined the Lakers this season, but his contributions have been minimal, with the veteran averaging just 5.3 points, 4.1 rebounds, 2.0 assists and 1.2 blocks per game.

Whether giving the 36-year-old Gasol more time on the court is a great idea remains a question mark, but with the Lakers getting ready for the postseason, it may be an idea they’ll more strongly consider.

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