Kyle Kuzma clowns Anthony Davis after hearing Aaron Rodgers is ‘disgruntled’ with Packers

Brad Sullivan
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Kyle Kuzma jokingly tweeted to LeBron James to check on the welfare of their teammate, Anthony Davis, following news that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is “disgruntled” with the team.

Davis, who actually grew up in Chicago, evolved into a Packers fan because of the fact that some of his friends were members of the team.

Rodgers has played all 16 of his NFL seasons with the Packers and has led them to one Super Bowl title while winning the league MVP award on three occasions.

That level of excellence is something that Davis admires and is why he continues to go against the wishes of his own father in rooting for the Packers.

Davis is presumably not suicidal about the situation and is likely focused on getting back into sync with the Lakers after returning from a lengthy absence.

James has also been off the court for an extended period, with Davis hoping that his teammate’s return comes as soon as possible.

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