Kim Kardashian look-alike accuses LeBron James of creeping on her Instagram

Jonathan Sherman
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There are a lot of stars across the NBA who are known for using social media to try to find new romantic partners. In fact, Instagram and Twitter have likely become two of the most common ways for celebrities of all kinds to meet potential flings.

However, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is not known to be one of those stars. First and foremost, he is a happily married man and father of three children. He’s been married to his wife since 2013.

Despite that fact, one Instagram influencer recently took to social media to claim that James was creeping on her Instagram. Not only did she make the claim, she also seemingly had the receipts.


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Instagram model accuses LeBron James

Though there is little denying the image, simply showing that James watched her Instagram story does not really seem to be proof that the four-time NBA champ was creeping on her. On top of that, it is just as likely that the image itself was doctored or photoshopped.

If the image is genuine, proving the motivation behind James watching her story is impossible. Still, going so far as to say he was trying to make some kind of move seems a bit farfetched.

In the end, this is just another example of James being pulled into a story because of the attention his name attracts.

For years, James has been brought into controversies and media stories that have very little to do with him. More often than not, it seems to be a pretty obvious grab for attention. This instance seems to be another example of that trend.

Chances are exceedingly likely that James, and everyone in his camp, will completely ignore this post. After all, responding to it in any way or likely to only create more drama.

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