Former Lakers big man suggests if government cared about Americans, country would have bullet trains

Zach Stevens
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One of the bigger hot-button issues in politics today is infrastructure. Politicians seem split on how much the federal and state governments should invest in infrastructure and which types should be invested into.

Robert Sacre, a former center for the Los Angeles Lakers, posted a tweet that implied if the United States government cared more about its citizens, the nation would have “bullet trains.”

This isn’t the first time that Sacre has made his opinions on politics known to the public. Recently he suggested that President Joe Biden should give every American $1 million to offset the problems caused by high inflation instead of giving the Ukrainian government $30 billion so it can defend its country against Russia.

Sacre was a backup center for L.A. for four seasons, starting in the 2012-13 campaign. He was not a good player, but he was somewhat popular because of his positive spirit and loquacious personality.

High-speed rail has been a popular topic in California when it comes to infrastructure. The state has begun construction on a high-speed rail system that would connect the Greater Los Angeles Area to San Francisco.

However, progress on the project has been slow, partly because completing it will be extremely expensive.

If the nation ever achieves a network of high-speed rail trains that will take commuters between and within major metropolitan areas, it could go a long way in reducing commuter traffic and greenhouse gases released by vehicles that contribute to climate change.

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