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Dwight Howard Shares Deep Message as He Walks Fans Through Self-Discovery Journey

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In the weeks following the gruesome murder of George Floyd, many Americans of different races have been learning more about the nation’s history of systemic racism.

For the Los Angeles LakersDwight Howard, it meant looking at his family history and the way his ancestors were treated.

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“A drive into reality" On Sunday, 6-28-2020, I drove to Louisville, Georgia to uncover and discover who I am. A key discovery was connected as I visited this place known as the Market House. At the age of 12, my Great Great Great Grandmother, her family and many others were put on showcase and sold as slaves at the Louisville's Market House in Louisville, Georgia. They were Stripped and Pulled from the arms of their Love Ones and Family never to see them again. Living a life whereby they were considered 3/5 of a human being sanctioned to be a slave working, digging, picking, cleaning, cooking, feeding, singing, praying, and pleasing others before themselves. Our people were presented and treated as animals with many similarities existing today. Ninety-two years after being sold at the Louisville's Market House my Great Great Great Grandmother died at the age of 104 years young. Why is this Louisville's Market House still standing and existing today? It represents a Historical landmark of Pain and Misery.

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In addition to Floyd, several other African-Americans have been killed in the last few months, which has sparked protests and political action across the nation.

The state of Georgia has been the site of two of these high-profile murders.

Earlier this year, two white vigilantes chased Ahmaud Arbery down a road in Glynn County, Ga., then fatally shot him. The assailants claimed Arbery fit the description of a man wanted for burglary.

On June 12, Rayshard Brooks was shot to death by a white Atlanta Police Department officer. Brooks was found asleep in his car at the drive-thru of a Wendy’s fast food restaurant, and afterward he attempted to flee after being suspected of DUI.

As a result of these incidents, Howard has been vocal about the need for social justice. He publicly contemplated sitting out the resumption of the NBA season to focus on bringing more attention to the matter.

However, he is reportedly likely to join the team when they report to Orlando, Fla. in early July to begin training camp.