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Video: Draymond Green Says He Hopes LeBron James Will Run for President

LeBron James and Draymond Green

Earlier this month, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James started the More Than a Vote initiative, which is aiming to improve African-American turnout at the polls.

While talking on ESPN’s “First Take” about James and his history of activism, Draymond Green said that James should aim for the highest office in the land.

“I think LeBron wields a lot of power, as he should,” said Green. “I think arguably the greatest player of all time. You look at his resume, it’s flawless, on and off the court. The things that he’s been able to do on the court, obviously spectacular. But it’s more important the things that he’s been able to accomplish off the court, and that’s where he gets the utmost respect from me from.

“It’s not about, for me, what he’s done on the basketball court. As a competitor, I enjoyed playing against him. You enjoy playing against the best. But what he’s done off the court and the initiatives that he’s been able to lead, and this is just another example of that, I have the utmost respect for him and hopefully he will run for president one day.”

The More Than a Vote initiative was launched by the three-time NBA champ after the recent protests that occurred in response to several unjust murders of African-Americans at the hands of police officers.

The project is also aiming to reduce voter suppression of African-Americans, which has been a major issue in several states for years.

In the last few years, James has been very vocal about racial equality and other progressive causes. He showed his support for Lakers president Jeanie Buss when she revealed a racially charged letter she had received from a fan.

In 2017, the four-time MVP called President Donald Trump a “bum” after he rescinded Stephen Curry’s invitation to the White House following the Golden State Warriors’ 2017 NBA championship.

On the court, James has a huge opportunity to take his legacy to an even higher level once the NBA season resumes on July 30.