Dennis Schroder’s message to Kyle Kuzma days after report of their alleged beef

Brad Sullivan
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Los Angeles Lakers guard Dennis Schroder appeared to put an end to rumors of a feud with Kyle Kuzma by offering birthday greetings to him.

A report on Thursday hinted that Schroder and Kuzma were at odds with each other for undisclosed reasons, with the alleged dispute picking up speed during the Lakers’ short postseason stint.

Schroder is set to become a free agent soon, with plenty of uncertainty surrounding his future with the Lakers. That’s largely due to the reports of Schroder asking for a steep increase in his annual paycheck.

In the case of Kuzma, he’s been the subject of trade talk for an extended period, and like Schroder, may not even be in a Lakers uniform next season.

There may be some who believe that Schroder offered the birthday greetings as a way to tamp down the alleged controversy. However, until actual evidence comes to light about a feud, the report will remain in the rumor category.

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