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Conor McGregor Says LeBron James Served as Inspiration to Spend on Health and Fitness

Conor McGregor and LeBron James

Conor McGregor is considered one of the top MMA fighters in the world.

Like many athletes, McGregor came from humble beginnings. Growing up poor in Ireland, he certainly makes an effort to enjoy his riches now that he’s an international celebrity.

However, in a lengthy interview with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani, the UFC star revealed that Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James inspired him to take better care of both his body and his finances.

Helwani asked McGregor about his transition from growing up in a low-income household to being a wealthy athlete.

McGregor was then asked if he still spends lots of money on luxury items such as fancy clothes.

“I don’t know,” responded McGregor. “I have a lot of things. I actually said this to Tony Robbins because I read something about LeBron James a while back, about maybe a year ago, that he spent $1.5 million annually on his health: his nutrition, his training, his everything. And I spent nothing. Only in camp [do] I bring a team together of people. And I was like, that’s not the way to do this. I dropped money on a bleeding car or a watch. [Now] I spend on myself, on my health and my fitness. And that’s helped me. And then you acquire more, and you’re sharp, and that’s what I am now.”

James has become known for his commitment to his conditioning and overall health. Despite being 35 years of age and in his 17th season in the NBA, he’s still as productive as he’s ever been.

The Akron, Ohio native is averaging 25.5 points, 10.7 assists and 7.8 rebounds a game so far this season. His efficiency has held up as well, as he’s shooting 49.4 percent from the field and 35.1 percent from 3-point range.

After blowing out the Cleveland Cavaliers 128-99 on Monday night, the Lakers are 31-7, good for the best record in the Western Conference.

With James being considered one of the frontrunners for the MVP award this season, it’s quite likely that more athletes will adopt what he’s been doing to preserve and improve his body.