Anthony Davis ready to become the Lakers’ leader amid LeBron James’ absence: ‘I’m going to lead the team my way’

Jason Simpson
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With LeBron James sidelined due to COVID-19, Anthony Davis is being thrust into a bigger leadership role than he’s used to with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Fortunately, he’s up for the task. Davis recently spoke about taking the “next step” in his leadership. He explained that Rajon Rondo, Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook have all been encouraging him to use his voice. It seems like he’s ready to start doing so.

“I’m just taking that next step in leadership to my career,” Davis told Yahoo! Sports. “I’m going to lead the team my way. I’m trying to be one of the guys to express how he feels in our locker room. Rondo, ’Melo (Anthony), Russ have all been encouraging me to use my voice because I’m normally a really quiet guy when I’m playing and the only time I really talk is when I get tipped over the edge. But they’ve been telling me to ‘Use your voice. Use your voice.’”

Davis offered some insight into what he’s been telling the team.

“I’m going to be the guy who speaks his mind whether it’s in the media or the locker room,” he continued. “But it’s because I’m trying to help the team breathe confidence in these guys. Obviously, I was here when we won the title, so I’m telling them it’s a long season and just using my knowledge and my experience to help these guys out. The good thing about us, we’ve got a veteran group. All these guys already know what we have to do, which is a good thing. Now the younger group, I’m just telling them, ‘We’re OK. Just keep [pushing on].’ We’ve got a lot of guys who know what they’re supposed to do on and off the floor, especially when you’re missing a guy like that.”

On Tuesday, James missed his first game since testing positive for COVID-19, and Davis stepped up. He went for 25 points, seven rebounds and three assists. On the defensive end, he added two steals and two blocks.

The Lakers came away with a comfortable win over the Sacramento Kings when all was said and done.

With James out, L.A. is going to need Davis to make a big impact both on the floor and off it. So far, it seems like he’s doing a nice job of that.

The Lakers will be back in action on Friday for a big matchup with the Los Angeles Clippers.

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