Anonymous scout compares Russell Westbrook to ‘volcano’ waiting to erupt, says Lakers will lose in 1st round of playoffs

Jason Simpson
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An anonymous NBA scout recently spoke with Sam Amick of The Athletic and offered a take on Russell Westbrook’s ideal role with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Westbrook’s fit in L.A.’s Big 3 has been a hot topic lately, with many folks believing that the nine-time All-Star is going to have a difficult year if he spends a lot of his playing time alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

The anonymous scout believes that Westbrook belongs in the second unit and added that the 32-year-old is a “volcano” that is going to erupt.

“To me, he’s best with the second unit, having the ball in his hands and pushing the pace,” the scout said. “With (James), (Westbrook) will rebound and push it, but many times, no one runs with him… certainly not (James) or (Davis). He is a poor defender on a team FULL of poor defenders. Not a great fit there either. It is just a matter of time before the (Westbrook) volcano erupts. He is so passionate and being an LA kid, wants so badly to succeed … I just don’t see it as a great fit. (James) and (Davis) are NOT changing the way they play, nor can they. I predict a 5-7 seed and first round exit in the playoffs.”

The scout joins a growing list of people who believe that Westbrook belongs in L.A.’s second unit.

It’s certainly an interesting idea. Westbrook is used to carrying a massive load, which is something he can’t exactly do when he’s sharing the floor with James and Davis.

However, a spot in the second unit would allow Westbrook to play his game like usual. If he were the only member of the Big 3 on the floor during portions of games, he’d be the top option on the court and would likely have very high usage during those minutes.

It’ll definitely be worth monitoring the Lakers’ management of Westbrook’s minutes going forward.

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