Andre Drummond wants to return to the Lakers: ‘Hopefully things go the right way, and we’ll try to run it back it again’

Brad Sullivan
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While the destination of Andre Drummond is unknown for next season, the veteran center is hoping to sign a new contract with the Los Angeles Lakers in order to continue playing with LeBron James.

Drummond was interviewed on “Lakers All Day Everyday” and indicated (at the 4:50 mark) that the connection with a legendary player like James is one of the chief reasons for wanting to stay with the Lakers.

“Playing alongside LeBron James is a different ball game,” said Drummond. “It’s every kid’s dream to play with the best player in the world. … This is an incredible time in my career to play with LeBron James instead of against him. Hopefully things go the right way, and we’ll try to run it back again.”

Drummond, who turns 28 in August, was signed by the Lakers earlier this year after being bought out of his remaining contract by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

That contract with the Cavaliers was paying Drummond $27.96 million, an amount he’s no doubt hoping to continue making next season and beyond.

While the Lakers may be willing to sign Drummond to a new deal, trying to fit him in within the team’s salary cap may be difficult. That’s because the Lakers are already paying steep salaries to both James and Anthony Davis.

Given his enthusiasm toward staying with the Lakers, Drummond may be willing to offer the team something of a discount to re-sign with it.

That hope may be wishful thinking, but it appears that might be the only way that Drummond continues to wear a Lakers jersey next season.

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