Video: LeBron James intently embraces rabbi that he previously received spiritual guidance from

Brad Sullivan
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On Sunday afternoon, LeBron James attended a wedding in New York City and embraced a rabbi who offered the Los Angeles Lakers superstar spiritual advice in the past.

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto is based in Morocco and the founder of Shuva Israel. Among the followers of Pinto is the Schottenstein family of Columbus, Ohio, who has past connections with James.

Thus, James’ attendance at the wedding of Jeffrey Schottenstein was not a surprise. Schottenstein is the CEO of TACKMA, a clothing brand that James has embraced.

In addition, James has forged a strong relationship with Ohio State University, whose basketball arena is named Schottenstein Center.

However, the relationship between James and Pinto is intriguing, especially since James has previously donated money to Shuva Israel.

Over the course of his basketball career, James has often focused strictly on his game or pertinent social issues. Any aspect of his spiritual life has largely been hidden from public view.

Like every human being, James has experienced ups and downs in his life. His struggles growing up under difficult financial conditions no doubt helped shape his outlook on the world.

During his time in the NBA, James has been the recipient of some brutal criticism from different quarters. Most notably, the animosity he experienced in the wake of his 2010 signing with the Miami Heat is something few have dealt with during their lifetimes.

While James may be asked about his relationship with Pinto at some point in the future, the likelihood is that he’ll probably defer such queries. His main focus remains getting the Lakers back into a position as one of the NBA’s top teams.

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