Video: LeBron James commits dangerous flagrant foul on Joel Embiid after nearly getting posterized

Brad Sullivan
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During Wednesday night’s game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers, LeBron James was assessed a flagrant foul for his hit on 76ers center Joel Embiid during the third quarter.

Embiid actually was the recipient of two hits on his ill-fated attempt at a dunk, also getting hit slightly from behind by the Lakers’ Marc Gasol.

A flagrant-1 foul is defined as “unnecessary contact committed by a player against an opponent” and allows the fouled player to take two free throws and then gives possession to that player’s team.

Embiid missed Monday night’s game against the Detroit Pistons because of back tightness, with this latest hit no doubt aggravating the issue.

Given the pain that Embiid was clearly in, James will presumably be facing a fine from the league for his foul.

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