Video: JaVale McGee Wants in on LeBron’s Taco Tuesdays

James Kingsley
1 Min Read

If you’re a Los Angeles Lakers fan, you most likely know by now how special Tuesdays are to superstar forward LeBron James.

That’s because it’s become tradition in his household to celebrate what’s been deemed as “Taco Tuesday,” a day in which the James residence feasts on a gourmet Mexican-style taco dinner.

About a week ago, James invited the Lakers’ newest superstar addition in Anthony Davis to join his family in the festivities, and it seems that James’ other Lakers teammates are looking to join in on the event as well.

Most recently, Lakers center JaVale McGee was asked if he had been invited yet to the weekly fiesta.

“Not yet man,” said McGee. “They gotta make vegan tacos.”

We’ll see if any other Lakers’ faces pop up during James’ weekly extravaganzas. In the meantime, it doesn’t seem like James will be making vegan tacos to accommodate his big man.

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