Video: Danny Green and JaVale McGee Give Inside Look Into Lakers Practice in NBA Bubble

Brad Sullivan
2 Min Read

On Sunday, Los Angeles Lakers veterans JaVale McGee and Danny Green offered basketball fans the opportunity to get an inside look at the team’s practice and some of the team’s living situation within the NBA bubble in Orlando, Fla.

McGee has been offering a video journal of life within the NBA’s newly formed campus. The bubble is a byproduct of the unprecedented safety protocols the NBA put in place in order to try to complete the 2019-20 season.

In his most recent video, McGee shows clips from a team practice and also shows Green getting a haircut from a barber that’s been cleared to enter the protective bubble.

In addition, some of the food being made available to Lakers players is also shown in the video. That aspect of life within the bubble has had some controversy attached.

Of course, such matters are trivial in the face of the current pandemic and will likely no longer be an area of concern when the NBA season resumes later this week.

The Lakers will compete in their final exhibition game on Monday night, when they take on the Washington Wizards, and then start the regular season back up on Thursday night against the Los Angeles Clippers.

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