Stephen Jackson Reveals Powerful Text He Received From LeBron, Calls Him ‘Greatest Athlete Ever’

Jonathan Sherman
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Since the passing of George Floyd, former NBA star Stephen Jackson has made it clear that the two men had a very close connection with each other.

On many occasions, Jackson has even referred to Floyd as his “brother” and “twin.”

Jackson’s fight for justice for his friend spurred an incredible conversation between him and Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James. It was that conversation that helped crystallize for Jackson why he believes James is the greatest athlete of all time.

“He posted me speaking, and I text him back, ‘I appreciate you bro, I won’t let you down,” Jackson said of the conversation. “He text me back, ‘You haven’t and I won’t either.’ That was deep. I always tell people, ‘[Michael] Jordan might be the best basketball player, but LeBron is the greatest athlete ever.’ It’s bigger than basketball with me why I love LeBron.”

Jackson went on to indicate that while many NBA players have tried and failed to use their fame and wealth to improve the lives of others around them, James has succeeded in that mission.

“Everybody get it wrong,” he said. “LeBron the first to get it right. Look at this boss.”

James is widely considered to be one of the most powerful voices in America right now. His platform is massive. His impact may be even greater.

Hopefully, Jackson speaking up about the incredible good that James has done, and continues to do, will encourage many athletes who come after him to do the same.

For now, there’s little doubt that Jackson and James will continue to work to try to make sure that Floyd didn’t die in vain.

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