Stephen Curry says there’s ‘no way in hell’ Draymond Green would miss Warriors game to see LeBron James break scoring record

Jonathan Sherman
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During the 2021-22 NBA regular season, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James moved into second on the all-time scoring list.

Based on the incredibly high level that James played at this season, many expect him to become the all-time leading scorer in NBA history sometime next season.

When James jumped into second on the list, Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green made a statement that raised some eyebrows. Essentially, he said he would miss a Warriors game to watch James set the new record in person.

“Congrats to LeBron, second all-time,” Green said. “… Probably in 50 more games or so, 50 or 70 games or so he’ll be first all-time. And I can’t wait to see that. Steve Kerr, I’m throwing this out there right now, if LeBron James is passing the all-time scoring record and we have a game, I’m going to LeBron’s game and witness history.”

Now, during a recent podcast episode, Green has come forward to contradict his previous statement and make it clear that he was speaking hyperbolically in the moment. Stephen Curry, Green’s teammate, seemingly knew that from the very start.

“If that situation happened next year, there’s no way in hell you would’ve walked to me, Klay [Thompson], Andre [Iguodala], Coach Kerr and be like, ‘Yo, I’m doing this,”’ Curry said. “That’s why I didn’t hit you about it. I knew it was a way of expressing how amazing that accomplishment and feat was and your respect for Bron.”

Curry’s message is a clear sign of just how well these two men know one another. They’ve been teammates for years and have been through thick and thin together.

As for James potentially breaking the scoring record, that figures to be a night to remember in NBA history.

Though Green won’t be in the stands if his Warriors have a game that night, it’s probably safe to assume that NBA royalty, stars from other sports and likely many other familiar faces will be in the stands to celebrate James’ incredible achievement.

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