Stephen A. Smith: ‘The Los Angeles Lakers should strongly consider trading LeBron James’

Jonathan Sherman
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The Los Angeles Lakers just endured one of the most disappointing NBA seasons in recent memory, and as a result, it appears that some people are getting drastic ideas.

Sports pundit Stephen A. Smith recently got on the air and claimed that he believes the Lakers should consider trading four-time MVP LeBron James.

Given the fact that it is Smith making the statement, it’s hard to know whether it’s a truly serious comment or an attempt to get some attention from fans. Either way, the idea is still something that NBA fans probably never imagined until recently.

For most of the last two decades, James has been the face of the NBA, and for many years, he was the unquestioned best player in the league. However, age is starting to catch up to him in small but noticeable ways. While he remains a dominant force in the league, there is no way to know how long he will manage to continue playing at such a high level.

All in all, the odds of the Lakers dealing James away this offseason are likely incredibly small. However, if a James trade were to somehow come to pass, fans can be sure that Smith would take credit for getting the conversation started.

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