Stephen A. Smith declares he’s getting ‘suspicious’ about Anthony Davis’ and Kevin Durant’s injuries

Brad Sullivan
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ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith stoked some controversy recently by hinting that the injuries to both Anthony Davis and Kevin Durant may be more serious than what’s been publicly disclosed.

“I’m getting suspicious!” Smith said. “Hasn’t KD (Durant) been out a little bit too long? I bring up KD and AD (Davis) in the same sentence. I mean, AD’s been out about 20 games.”

Smith then brought up the length of time both players have been out of their respective lineups.

“What I’m saying is, my antennas are getting raised,” Smith said. “I’m about to get nosey is what I’m trying to say. Usually, I’m just sitting back … but I’m getting suspicious. It’s been a little bit too long with these injuries and I’m starting to feel that you know what? It’s worse than we’re being led to believe.”

Durant last took the court for the Brooklyn Nets on Feb. 13 during their road game against the Golden State Warriors and continues to deal with a hamstring injury.

Davis was last in the Los Angeles Lakers’ lineup during their Feb. 14 road clash at Denver and has been rehabilitating a calf injury since that time.

Both players are integral to their teams’ chances of capturing an NBA title, which is presumably why the Nets and Lakers are being cautious about bringing their respective players back.

In the case of Durant, he sat out all of last season while rehabilitating a torn Achilles.

The reality is that Smith has made a name for himself offering controversial opinions. Surely, his comments should be taken with a grain of salt.

Still, there’s no doubt that the absences of the two star players are starting to get worrisome.

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