Video: Skip Bayless Shocks the World, Says He’s ‘All in’ on LeBron James and the Lakers

Jonathan Sherman
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Sports pundit Skip Bayless has been one of the most vocal detractors of Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James through the years.

That’s why fans got quite a shock when they woke up to Bayless describing himself as “all in” on James and the Lakers’ championship aspirations this season.

“I am now all in on LeBron’s Lakers because LeBron is all in on the bubble mentality,” he said. “This is all about sacrifice. It’s about, almost like college rah-rah unity, and LeBron is leading the charge in that regard.”

Ever since entering the NBA bubble, it has been clear that the Lakers truly are all about business and for good reason.

Prior to the halting of the season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Lakers were revealing themselves to be title favorites. Now, with their season set to resume in two days against the rival Los Angeles Clippers, they will have to prove that they still deserve that reputation.

Perhaps part of James’ clear dedication to winning this season is based on how close he came to not getting a chance to compete for a title at all. In the early days of the season’s suspension, it seemed quite likely that the season would get cancelled altogether.

At 35 years old, it is impossible for James to know how much longer he will truly be at the top of the sport. What he does know is that he is currently capable of leading a talented Lakers team to the promised land.

Bayless sees the writing on the wall. The Lakers are the team to beat in the NBA’s bubble.

Only time will tell if they carry that mantle all the way to a championship.

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