Skip Bayless rips Rich Paul and Maverick Carter for being ‘gifted at planting excuses’ for LeBron James

Peter Dewey
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Fox Sports analyst Skip Bayless issued another attack on Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James.

Bayless claimed that James and his camp, which includes agent Rich Paul and business partner Maverick Carter, are planting excuses in case the Lakers don’t win the NBA title.

“Here we go again,” Bayless said. “They’re doing it again. Rich Paul, Maverick Carter, you are genius at what you do. I love both of them. I truly do. I think they are extraordinary. They are top of the field at what they do for LeBron James.”

Bayless said that James should “thank the Lord” for the two that “run the show” for him. While Bayless started with praise, he then took his shot at James.

“But they are also gifted at making excuses for him,” he said. “At planting excuses, either before or after the fact. And here they go again. Marc Spears, who I have great respect for, is reporting, and I don’t know this for a fact, I’m just educated guessing that they got this from either Rich or Maverick, probably from Rich. He’s genius at what he does at dropping little tidbits on key opinion makers that LeBron is this or LeBron is that. ‘Don’t tell ’em you didn’t hear this from me, but.’ And so now, LeBron is playing on his quote unquote one leg. It’s a beautiful move ahead of the playoffs because you’ve set up LeBron perfectly. If he fails, ‘Well he was playing on one leg.’ If he wins, ‘He’s a hero. He won the championship on one leg.’ That makes him the quote unquote GOAT. It’s genius.”

This is typical for Bayless to take shots at James, especially after he lifted the Lakers to a win over the Golden State Warriors to earn the No. 7 seed in the West.

James is clearly focused on bringing another title to Los Angeles, and it seems that his ankle injury won’t stop him from playing this postseason.

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