Shaquille O’Neal shoots his shot with Bobbi Althoff

Jonathan Sherman
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Podcaster Bobbi Althoff has gained a large following and major internet fame over the last year thanks to her comedic delivery. So much so that it appears that Los Angeles Lakers legend Shaquille O’Neal recently took the time to ask her out on a date.

The hilarious interaction took place on a recent episode of O’Neal’s own podcast. It appears that being a massive sports star and television celebrity has its benefits, as Althoff quickly agreed to go on a movie date with the Lakers legend.


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“I’m sitting here with Funny Marco,” O’Neal began. “He told me to ask you on a date, so can I take you to movies?”

Althoff quickly agreed in her famously dry tone.

“Alright, I love you, Bobbi,” O’Neal replied. “I’ll call you later.”

This kind of interaction is something fans have come to expect from O’Neal. As he’s gotten further away from his NBA career, he has seemingly become increasingly comedic and personable.

Those qualities play a big role in why he’s become one of the more beloved voices in sports entertainment. Along with Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson Jr., and fellow NBA legend Charles Barkley, O’Neal has been entertaining NBA fans for years on “Inside the NBA.” Not only that, but his experience and knowledge of the game offer incredible insight for fans of the game.

Fans of both O’Neal and Althoff will have to keep an eye on both of their social media pages to see if this proposed movie date actually ends up happening. Based on the comedic nature of the call, it seems hard to tell how serious both potential participants were in getting together.

As fans of Althoff surely know well, the 26-year-old recently split with her husband of four years. Recent reports indicate that the two settled their divorce back in February.

Some may think that it’s a bit early for the recent divorcee to be looking for love so soon after her divorce, but perhaps O’Neal is the right person for the job.

After all, before O’Neal even called Althoff he confidently stated that “once you go Shaq, she’ll never go back.”

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