Serge Ibaka calls out Kendrick Perkins for spreading lies about Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant

Brad Sullivan
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Milwaukee Bucks forward Serge Ibaka delivered some withering comments to former teammate Kendrick Perkins after the latter’s criticisms of Los Angeles Lakers guard Russell Westbrook.

Comments by Perkins, who now serves as an NBA analyst for ESPN, sparked the controversy when he joked that Ibaka is older than he claims.

Ibaka clearly took issue with the statement and then proceeded to bring up their past relationship as teammates with the Oklahoma City Thunder

Perkins’ tenure with the Thunder lasted from 2011 to 2015, a period in which he was also teammates with Westbrook and Kevin Durant. During this period, the Thunder reached the 2012 NBA Finals before losing to the Miami Heat.

Comments by Perkins about Westbrook and Durant have been offered from time to time. However, since joining ESPN, Perkins’ comments about his playing days and about other past teammates have become more prominent.

Yet, such questions about Ibaka aren’t new. There’s never been any proof that the native of the Republic of Congo was dishonest about his age but it’s an issue that tends to be more prevalent when it comes to foreign players.

With respect to Westbrook, he has been a constant target for criticism even before he joined the Lakers. That heat has only intensified since he arrived in a deal with the Washington Wizards and resulted in him struggling to develop some chemistry with his teammates.

Westbrook has now become more effective coming off the bench for the Lakers. It’s definitely not the role the team envisioned for him when it acquired him, but for now, it’s the best course of action.

In the social media melee that developed from this incident, Perkins made an effort to tamp down the conflict. He explained that it was a joke, but then also accused Ibaka of being too sensitive.

Perkins also hinted that further criticism from Ibaka would result in him offering potentially embarrassing information about the NBA veteran.

Westbrook hasn’t played with Perkins for years and is likely not all that concerned about any criticism that might be directed his way.

For Ibaka, this situation may come to a quick end if he chooses to simply move on. It can be prolonged indefinitely if he chooses to further engage with Perkins.

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