Savannah James Sends Emotional Message About ‘Raising Young Black Men’ as Chaos Across Country Unfolds

Brad Sullivan
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The continuing crisis resulting from the death of an African-American man in Minnesota resonated with Savannah James, who expressed her pain at the situation that’s led to riots and violence across the country.

James and her husband, Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James, have taken special note of the situation because two of their three children are black males.

The incident in Minnesota involved a situation in which a Minneapolis police officer subdued the man, George Floyd, for nearly nine minutes by kneeling on his neck. That action ultimately resulted in Floyd’s death and resulted in the officer facing murder charges.

LeBron James has commented before on similar incidents and subsequently dealt with criticism about his remarks, but shows no signs of tamping down such anger.

In the case of Mrs. James, she has generally not offered remarks on public issues in the past, preferring to raise her children and work on philanthropic causes.

However, the similarity to previous tragedies of this nature and the inability to put an end to them have undoubtedly struck a chord.

The couple’s oldest son, LeBron James Jr., has already become a prominent basketball player, like his father. Still, the chilling prospect of either of the James’ sons being involved in such an incident in the future isn’t far from the minds of their parents.

LeBron James is expected to get back on the court with the Lakers, with the NBA reportedly targeting July 31 for the resumption of the 2019-20 season.

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