Robert Sacre Says Kobe Bryant Having His Camera Crew Around Was ‘Frustrating’

Justin Benjamin
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News surfaced on Friday that Kobe Bryant’s final year with the Los Angeles Lakers was given all-access coverage by a film crew, potentially paving the way for a future documentary.

However, according to Baxter Holmes of ESPN, former Lakers center Robert Sacre wasn’t appeased with the camera crew during the 2015-16 season.

“It was interesting because, obviously, we weren’t winning, so that was frustrating,” Sacre said. “And the [cameras were always] in your face so, I don’t know, it was hard. It didn’t feel real as a season.”

Sacre, 30, played on the Lakers for four seasons.

Furthermore, the big man had the privilege of playing with Bryant during the last season of his career. However, during the 2015-16 season, the Lakers were abysmal for a variety of reasons.

Over the course of the aforementioned season, the team suffered an unprecedented amount of losses and dealt with tons of drama, including the infamous snitching fiasco between Nick Young and D’Angelo Russell.

Having cameras around all of that drama surely must have been annoying for the players. Yet, it will provide highly entertaining footage for fans whenever a documentary comes out.

On Sunday, ESPN premiered the documentary series, “The Last Dance,” which chronicles Michael Jordan’s last season with the Chicago Bulls.

After watching just the first couple episodes of the six-time champion’s story, fans are eager to see the late great Bryant’s final season materialize on television as well.

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