Rob Pelinka unveils huge change LeBron James has made to add explosiveness for 2021-22 season

Brad Sullivan
1 Min Read

With the Los Angeles Lakers’ training camp ready to start soon, general manager Rob Pelinka says that LeBron James is already in outstanding shape for his 19th NBA season.

James has made a habit over the course of his career of staying in outstanding shape, which helps explain why the veteran is still at the top of his game at the age of 36.

The intense focus that James has put on getting in prime physical shape is something that all players that are getting closer to the end of their careers should try to replicate.

James is especially motivated to try to bring another title to the Lakers after the disappointing end to last season, which was marred by injuries.

Since the 2020-21 campaign came to an end, the Lakers have acquired All-Star guard Russell Westbrook and are in prime position to at least put up a strong fight for another championship.

If the Lakers do manage to win it all again, James’ level of intensity during the offseason will be almost as important as the intensity he brings to the court every night.

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