Rival assistant takes shot at Lakers: ‘They’re old and they can’t stay in front of anyone’

Jason Simpson
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The Los Angeles Lakers’ woes continued on Friday, as the team dropped a game to an unimpressive Sacramento Kings squad.

The contest required three overtimes to produce a winner. When all was said and done, the Kings walked away with a 141-137 victory.

After dropping the game, the Lakers are now below .500 once again. They’re 10-11 on the year, and if the season ended today, they’d find themselves in the play-in round of the postseason.

Everyone seems to have a different take on what’s wrong with the Lakers, and one rival assistant recently chimed into the discussion.

“They’re old and they can’t stay in front of anyone,” the assistant told the Los Angeles Times.

Before the season started, the Lakers’ average age was a hot topic. Many folks felt that the team was going to have trouble making it through the grind of a full season given how old some of the squad’s key players are. It sounds like at least one assistant thinks the team’s age is already emerging as an issue.

Of course, that’s just one person’s take, and many Lakers fans think there are other problems.

For example, Frank Vogel’s rotation decisions are regularly questioned by fans. A lot of Lakers diehards feel that the 48-year-old head coach is doing a very poor job in that regard.

Another topic that’s often discussed as an issue is the fit of the team’s Big 3. A lot of folks still aren’t convinced that LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook are capable of playing winning basketball alongside each other. It remains to be seen if that notion will be proven wrong.

No matter what the biggest problem really is, there’s no doubt that L.A. needs to turn things around. Things look bleaker with each passing loss.

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