Richard Jefferson says Vince Carter was more talented than LeBron James

Brad Sullivan
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Former NBA player Richard Jefferson still treasures his time as a teammate of LeBron James, but he stated that he believes Vince Carter is the most gifted player ever.

Jefferson appeared on the ESPN’s “The Jump” and stated that Carter’s overall game was great enough to surpass James’ immense abilities.

“I have never seen anything like Vince Carter,” said Jefferson. “I was fortunate enough to play with LeBron. But there was nothing that I have ever seen this man not be able to do. Left-hand finishes, left-hand dunks, 360 layups, handle it like a point guard. … To me, he is the most talented player I have ever seen in my life.”

Over Carter’s amazing 22-year career in the NBA, he played with eight different teams and finished with career averages of 16.7 points, 4.3 rebounds, 3.1 assists and 1.0 steal per game.

In addition to Carter’s all-around game, the superstar’s leaping ability helped lead to a wide variety of incredible dunks.

James has put up better overall numbers during his time in the league, and he has been a part of four NBA title teams. In contrast, Carter’s teams were never able to reach the NBA Finals during his lengthy tenure in the league.

Yet, both players have left an indelible mark as basketball players, with James no doubt respecting Carter’s abilities during their many battles against one other.

Others may end up choosing someone completely different than these two stars, but Jefferson has clearly made his mind up about his top choice.

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