Richard Jefferson breaks down exactly why he considers LeBron James to be best scorer of all time

Jonathan Sherman
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While many agree that LeBron James is one of the greatest all-around basketball players to play in the NBA, few would describe him as the best scorer in the history of the league.

One person who does consider James to be the best scorer ever is NBA analyst and James’ former teammate Richard Jefferson.

“LeBron James,” Jefferson said confidently when asked who he thought the best scorer ever was. “I hear exactly what you’re saying, and people might disagree with me. But understand this – the greatest scorer is not only, it’s consistency, it’s longevity and it’s amount. It might not be these crazy bursts. For me, I was never like a 40 points a game. Every night, you were going to get, on my best, between 17 and 30, every single night. I was not a nine points, 51, 22. No, I was just very consistent.”

Right now, James is already in third place when it comes to all-time scoring leaders. He is behind just Kareem-Abdul Jabbar and Karl Malone.

For the postseason, James is already in the No. 1 spot and has just over 1,500 more points than Michael Jordan, who sits in second place.

Though James is not known four dropping insane point totals night in and night out, his consistency as a dominant force has led to him pouring on the stats.

Right now, James could care less about his status in the history books. He’s simply hoping to get back to relatively full health before the postseason.

The Lakers are currently fighting to stay out of the play-in tournament. They currently sit at the No. 6 seed and will need to string together a couple of wins if they want to move up in the standings.

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