Report: Sixers still have ‘zero interest’ in a Russell Westbrook for Ben Simmons trade

Jason Simpson
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Los Angeles Lakers fans probably shouldn’t get their hopes up about the idea of L.A. acquiring Ben Simmons in exchange for Russell Westbrook.

According to a report, the Sixers still have “zero interest” in the idea of swapping Simmons for Westbrook.

“But we forget sometimes that executives are ultra-competitive in their professions as well, and it’s safe to say [Daryl] Morey has no interest in executing a bad deal because of pressure ever again,” wrote Sam Amick of The Athletic. “As an aside, sources say that’s also the reason the Sixers have zero interest in the prospect of swapping Simmons for Westbrook now and alleviating the Lakers’ fit concerns with their superstar trio.”

If the Lakers want to trade Westbrook away, it sounds like they’ll have to find a different way to do it. Some feel that the idea of trading Westbrook away is unrealistic given the nature of the 33-year-old’s contract.

As for the Sixers, they still haven’t had Simmons on the floor at any point in the 2021-22 campaign so far. It still remains to be seen what the future holds for the three-time All-Star, but with the trade deadline approaching, the Sixers need to act somewhat quickly if they want to trade Simmons away this season.

The Sixers have managed to go 23-16 so far this season despite not having the services of Simmons. When healthy, Joel Embiid has done a fantastic job of helping the team stay afloat.

The Lakers, meanwhile, are still trying to turn things around. They’re slightly over .500 with a 21-20 record.

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