Report: Rare LeBron James and Kobe Bryant jerseys hit the auction market, could fetch mammoth selling prices

Jason Simpson
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Some rare Kobe Bryant and LeBron James jerseys have hit the auction market, and it sounds like anyone looking to acquire the jerseys is going to have to pay a steep price.

According to TMZ, each jersey is expected to sell for more than $100,000.

“Two Kobe Bryant and LeBron James game-used jerseys just hit the auction block … and TMZ Sports has learned they’re so unique, they’re expected to bring in over $100K apiece,” TMZ reported.

The Bryant jersey has some very rare features, and it also includes an autograph on the back.


The James jersey, meanwhile, was worn by the superstar several times during his debut season with the Los Angeles Lakers. Unlike the Bryant jersey, this one isn’t autographed.


TMZ offered some insight into how much each jersey could sell for.

“Both pieces are now on the auction block — and we’re told the Bryant jersey may go for $125k while James’ could go up to $150k,” TMZ added.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see exactly how much these jerseys end up selling for.

The late Bryant finished his legendary NBA career with 18 All-Star selections and five NBA titles. He spent all of his playing days with L.A. Today, he’s in the Hall of the Fame.

James, meanwhile, is still adding to his legacy. The 37-year-old has made 17 All-Star teams and won four NBA titles, including one with the Lakers. He’d certainly love to add another ring to his resume with L.A. this season.

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Jason is excited about the LeBron James era of Lakers basketball and hopes that the end result will be multiple championships.