Report: LeBron James wanted to join Knicks but his wife preferred Los Angeles in 2018

Orel Dizon
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Back in 2018, LeBron James turned the NBA world upside down by signing with the marquee franchise Los Angeles Lakers.

Rumor has it that the four-time MVP was thinking about signing with another of the league’s most valuable franchises.

“We heard that LeBron wanted to come to New York,” Vanity Fair’s Lisa Robinson said on the “Brian Windhorst & The Hoop Collective” podcast. “I have really good sources about this, that he was thinking about coming to New York but that his wife wanted to be in Los Angeles, wanted the kids to go to school in Los Angeles, and that just kiboshed the whole thing.”

Robinson’s declaration should be taken with a grain of salt. Even though she maintains many connections in the entertainment industry, she does not directly cover sports or the league.

It would not be a surprise, however, if James had indeed considered playing for the Knicks. He has always reveled in playing in Madison Square Garden and the large New York market has appealed to countless players before.

As fate had it, James chose the Lakers, with which he won the NBA title last season. This year, he is looking to become a five-time champion and help the team raise its 18th championship banner.

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Orel is excited about the prospect of “Showtime Lakers” making a comeback, thanks to the presence of the King and the arrival of the Brow.