Report: LeBron James Sent Taco Truck to Feed First Responders at Getty Fire

Jonathan Sherman
2 Min Read

Los Angeles is shrouded in clouds of smoke at the moment as wildfires blaze in the mountains just north of West L.A.

Thousands of Angelenos have been effected by the dangerous blaze. LeBron James and his family are amongst those that were forced to evacuate the affluent area for their own safety.

James was quick to send messages to both those who have been impacted by the fire and those that are fighting the fires to try to keep the city safe.

He was also reportedly quick to send a taco truck to the area so that first responders fighting the Getty fire could get a meal on the Los Angeles Lakers star’s dime.

This is the kind of classy move that James has become known for throughout his storied NBA career.

As of Tuesday morning, the Getty fire had burned 656 acres and was just five percent contained. A number of homes have already been either damaged or destroyed as firefighters battle to gain control over the flames.

Hopefully, the brave first responders are able to turn the tide on the blaze soon. Until then, they can expect to have a staunch supporter in one of L.A.’s biggest sports stars.

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