Report: Lakers’ Rob Pelinka and Nets’ Sean Marks had a mysterious meeting at the NBA Combine

Jonathan Sherman
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While the 2022 NBA Playoffs are still in full swing, the majority of executives around the league are already looking ahead to the offseason.

With just a few weeks to go before an NBA champion is crowned, offseason activities are getting closer. It won’t be long before a whirlwind of whispers and rumors begin.

One reported meeting that is sure to create a lot of chatter took place recently between Brooklyn Nets general manager Sean Marks and Los Angeles Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka.

The two apparently had a meeting during the NBA Combine.

Chances are good that fans will never know what the meeting was really about, and it was probably far less glamorous than the imagination may make it out to be.

Of course, many Lakers fans would probably like to imagine that the meeting was centered around Nets superstar Kyrie Irving. Earlier this month, it was reported that members of the Lakers organization discussed the idea of trading for Irving during the 2021-22 season.

Irving is a polarizing figure these days, but his talent is undeniable. Moreover, he and Lakers superstar LeBron James have a lot of history together.

While it is fun to imagine a reunion of James and Irving on the Lakers, reality gets in the way. The Lakers would have to give up a lot in order to acquire the guard.

Still, while a blockbuster trade between the Lakers and Nets seems unlikely, basketball fans know all too well that nothing in the NBA is truly impossible.

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