Report: Knicks have ‘no interest’ in a potential Russell Westbrook trade this summer

Brad Sullivan
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A new report indicates that the New York Knicks are not interested in the idea of adding Los Angeles Lakers guard Russell Westbrook.

Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report spoke with Marc Stein and indicated that the Knicks’ lack of interest has been evident for a while.

”I pitched the idea to Knicks people time and again going back to the deadline, and they have no interest,” Fischer said. “… Everything I’ve heard is that New York is trying to grow this group as it is and mix and match a few parts and move forward.”

Westbrook was acquired by the Lakers before the 2021-22 season started. He was seen by many as an important part of the team’s formula to win another NBA title.

That vision has since fallen apart due to chemistry issues involving Westbrook and key injuries for the Lakers. The Lakers are now simply trying to reach the postseason and may not last long even if they are successful in their efforts to get there.

Westbrook’s struggles this season will probably cause the Lakers to make a major effort to trade him after the season ends. Part of the difficulty in making a trade is related to his massive salary.

Barring a massive collapse by teams ahead of them, the Knicks won’t be making the playoffs this season. Their current record of 32-42 is a result of their own struggles. Still, they clearly feel that adding Westbrook this offseason wouldn’t improve their situation much.

The Lakers currently have a 31-42 record with nine games left in the regular season. Next up is a Sunday contest against the New Orleans Pelicans.

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