Report: ‘Door is not closed’ on Kyrie Irving joining Lakers in future even if he re-signs with Mavs this offseason

David Akerman
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While Kyrie Irving reportedly wants to shut down the notion that he’s “angling” to get to the Los Angeles Lakers, it seems like the rumors connecting the two won’t ever die down until he finishes his playing career.

In a new twist in the everlasting saga, ESPN’s Zach Lowe offered some interesting comments.

“I don’t think they’ve shut the door completely on Kyrie coming to the Lakers at some point,” said Lowe on his podcast. “Just because it doesn’t happen this summer, if it doesn’t happen this summer, doesn’t mean it can’t ever happen. I don’t think that door is closed.”

Though it seems like Irving is more interested in reuniting with current Lakers superstar LeBron James on the Dallas Mavericks, the rumors about the polarizing point guard potentially heading to Los Angeles just continue to pop up.

It was also recently reported that the Lakers have maintained that they have no interest in acquiring the one-time champion.

At this point, all signs seemingly point to Irving re-signing with the Mavericks and running things back alongside Luka Doncic for the near future. However, plans are always susceptible to change, so it appears as though the possibility of Irving on the Lakers will always be a thing.

There’s no denying that Irving is one of the greatest offensive players the league has ever seen, but the Lakers recently had a bad time with James and Anthony Davis playing alongside a third star. The latter half of the 2022-23 regular season showed the Lakers might be better off having two stars and tons of depth.

Lakers fans will recall how poor things were with Russell Westbrook on the roster last season and early this season. Irving looks to be a better player than Westbrook at this point in their careers, but it would make sense if the Lakers were hesitant about acquiring Irving due to the poor results from Westbrook’s time with the franchise.

All in all, it will be interesting to see what exactly ends up happening in the future. Even if Irving doesn’t end up with the Lakers this offseason, there appears to be a chance he will play in purple and gold at some point in his career.

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