Report: Clippers emerge as suitors for Myles Turner amidst Pacers ‘skepticism’ about Lakers interest

Jason Simpson
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The Los Angeles Lakers have been linked to Indiana Pacers big man Myles Turner for ages, but it seems like they’re not the only Los Angeles squad eyeing the 26-year-old.

According to a report, the Los Angeles Clippers have discussed the idea of targeting Turner. To make the situation even muddier for the Lakers, it sounds like the Pacers may have “enough skepticism to move on from the Lakers” in trade talks.

“According to multiple sources, the Clippers have discussed targeting Myles Turner in the market,” wrote Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report.

“The Clippers are believed to be shopping some of their excess wing depth and are less likely to move a ball-handling guard like Reggie Jackson or John Wall. Team governor Steve Ballmer has shown a willingness to pay luxury taxes—the need to pay Turner after the season wouldn’t be a deterrent for L.A.”

Pincus added more.

“The Lakers (3-10) have long discussed sending Russell Westbrook to the Pacers for Buddy Hield and Turner,” wrote Pincus. “The Pacers have been adamant that a deal only makes sense if it includes two first-round picks from L.A. (likely 2027 and 2029). To date, the Lakers haven’t been willing to make that commitment.

“Could the Pacers be using the Clippers to try to pressure the Lakers into a deal for both firsts? One source believes Indiana has enough skepticism to move on from the Lakers.”

As Pincus indicated, it was reported in September that the Pacers would trade both Turner and Hield to the Lakers if the team were to send over two unprotected first-round picks. The Lakers have obviously been hesitant to do so, and some fans have started to lose hope in the chances of such a deal happening.

If the Clippers were to swoop in and steal Turner, that would definitely be frustrating for Lakers fans. The big man is an impact player in more ways than one, and he’d make the Clippers even bigger threats in the Western Conference.

The Clippers are 8-6 on the season, and they’re only going to get better once star forward Kawhi Leonard is available again. He has appeared in just two games this season.

Many NBA fans picked the Clippers to win the title before the season started. A deal for Turner and a healthy Leonard would make those predictions look very good.

So far this season, Turner is averaging 17.9 points, 8.7 rebounds and a whopping 3.1 blocks per game. He has been very efficient as well, shooting 50.7 percent from the field and 37.0 percent from deep. He provides value in a lot of areas where the Lakers need help.

Turner may end up playing his home games at Arena this season, but it might be in a Clippers uniform.

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