Report: Christian Wood granted temporary restraining order against mother of his child, accuses her of multiple wrongdoings

Jesse Cinquini
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Los Angeles Lakers big man Christian Wood reportedly has been granted a temporary restraining order which will end on March 20 against the mother of his child — model Yasmine Lopez — according to TMZ Sports.

Wood alleges that Lopez has harmed him mentally, gotten physical with him and also damaged his property.

Los Angeles Lakers big man Christian Wood was just granted a temporary restraining order against his model ex-girlfriend … after he claimed the mother of his child made his life a living hell following their breakup in December 2022,” TMZ Sports reported.

“The allegations are all laid out in court documents obtained by TMZ Sports … with the 28-year-old hooper accusing Yasmine Lopez — who boasts more than a million followers on social media — of causing not only mental and emotional stress, but also financial damage to his valuable property.”

Lopez and her friends supposedly arrived at Wood’s California home on Feb. 23 before she proceeded to cover his Mercedes-Benz in scratches.

“Wood claims on February 23, 2024, Lopez and her friends trespassed at his California residence by climbing a fence … and she proceeded to scratch the hood and doors of his Mercedes-Benz,” TMZ Sports reported.

Rewind a few months to August of 2023, and Wood claims Lopez broke into his house in Encino, Calif. where she allegedly destroyed some items and also tried to put her hands on Wood.

“Wood also details an August 2023 incident in which he says Lopez broke into his home in Encino … destroying statues, glass and vases and attempting to hit him,” TMZ Sports reported. “He says friends who were present at the time called the police, who de-escalated the situation.”

Wood may be of the belief that Lopez has been able to stalk him effectively because his schedule with the Lakers is public knowledge.

“Wood believes Lopez is stalking him by using his publicized work schedule to track his location and vandalize his property,” TMZ Sports reported.

“Wood is also accusing Lopez of getting physical with him on numerous occasions and alienating him from their son.”

According to the restraining order, Lopez must keep at least 100 yards away from Wood, with the one exception being for when they need to talk about their child, who is only eight months old. When they do talk about their son, the dialogue between Wood and Lopez has to be “brief and peaceful contact.”

The order also specifies that Lopez can’t abuse Wood, meaning in part that she can’t harass, attack or threaten him. Finally, Lopez can’t possess a gun until the restraining order expires later this month. These are just some of the restrictions in place.

Wood has played for almost a third of the NBA’s 30 franchises, as he has suited up for eight teams — including the Houston Rockets, Detroit Pistons and Dallas Mavericks — since he began his NBA career in the 2015-16 season with the Philadelphia 76ers.

He is in his first season with the Lakers and is averaging 6.9 points and 5.1 rebounds per game while shooting 46.6 percent from the field and 30.7 percent from 3-point range across 50 appearances and one start.

Wood is averaging his fewest points per game since the 2016-17 season, when he was in just his second season in the NBA.

Here’s to hoping that Wood and Lopez will have a more civil relationship with each other in the near future.

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