Report: Bronny James’ team will travel to Paris and London for games that will be televised on ESPN

Jonathan Sherman
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One of the most famous high school athletes in the world is Bronny James.

Of course, his fame is due in large part to his father LeBron, but that does not change the fact that the younger James is making a name for himself as a talented basketball player.

He already has a lot of fans, and it looks like ESPN is trying to benefit from that fact.

The younger James will be headed to Paris and London in August to compete in games alongside his Sierra Canyon School teammates, and the sports network will reportedly be televising the games.

The younger James may not be the physical specimen that his father is, but he certainly has started to show a lot of potential. He has been applauded for his basketball IQ as well as his in-game vision and shooting ability.

Though it remains unclear whether he has what it takes to make it all the way to the NBA, he certainly seems to have the dedication and desire needed to accomplish such a goal.

Some believe that the praise and attention the younger James gets is owed solely to his father’s immense fame within the world of sports.

Ultimately, it is hard to know where the younger James would be considered among other players in his age group if his father were not arguably the greatest athlete of his generation.

For the time being, the 17-year-old will surely continue to do all he can to prove to recruiters and basketball fans alike that he deserves the attention and praise that he’s been receiving.

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