Report: Anthony Davis Will Threaten to Sit Out Remainder of Season If Not Traded to Lakers

Jonathan Sherman
2 Min Read

Anthony Davis seems truly committed to ending up on the Los Angeles Lakers, and in a shocking new report, it seems as though the star center is willing to sit out if he ends up anywhere else.

If this is true, Davis is willing to take a serious financial risk in order to end up in the Purple and Gold.

It is quite rare for players in the NBA to threaten to sit out, and it is a clear sign of just how serious Davis is about getting what he wants.

What is crucial to keep in mind is how dramatically this reduces his value for other teams around the league who may be interested in trading for Davis.

Teams would certainly be willing to take the risk of trading for him either before the trade deadline next week or this offseason if they believe they could spend the entirety of the 2019-20 season working to convince him to stay. If it already seems like a lost cause, however, that risk becomes much less attractive.

If proven accurate, this report would give the Lakers a massive upper hand when it comes to dealing with the Pelicans. Now more than ever, it seems as though a deal truly could get done.

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