Report: 76ers have no interest in trading for Russell Westbrook from Lakers

Jason Simpson
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Any Los Angeles Lakers fans hoping to see Ben Simmons traded to L.A. in a deal involving Russell Westbrook probably shouldn’t get their hopes up.

It sounds like Westbrook is “not a player” on Philadelphia’s list of “hopeful returns” for Simmons.

“The trio of LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook simply hasn’t blended as well as Lakers figures hoped, and Los Angeles has held internal discussions on trade scenarios for Russell Westbrook, league sources told B/R,” wrote Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report. “But moving Westbrook and the two years, $91 million remaining on his contract does seem unlikely.

“Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio’s salaries would match Westbrook’s pricey deal, reuniting James with a former championship counterpart. But that structure would have little interest from the [Cleveland] Cavaliers’ side and has not yet been discussed by the two teams, sources said. Outside of Love’s large number, there are simply few players aside from John Wall, for whom Westbrook was traded to Washington last summer, who are available for trade and come close to Westbrook’s earnings.

“One of those players is Ben Simmons. The Athletic reported Los Angeles’ interest in Simmons on Monday, and Westbrook’s salary, outside of James’ and Davis’, is the only number on the Lakers’ books that can match Simmons’ own lofty deal. Even then, Westbrook is not a player on the [Philadelphia] Sixers’ list of hopeful returns, league sources told B/R, and conversations with the Lakers never developed very far.”

The Lakers and Sixers are a couple of teams that could use a big splash this season. While both teams have talent, it seems like there are some bigger title favorites in front of each squad in their respective conferences.

The Lakers are 15-13 on the season. They’re currently the No. 6 team in the Western Conference. The Sixers, meanwhile, are also 15-13. They’re the No. 6 team in the Eastern Conference.

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