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Rajon Rondo Expresses Disgust With Lakers Having to Stay at ‘Motel 6’ Inside NBA Bubble

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The living quarters for the Los Angeles Lakers in Orlando, Fla. got a huge thumbs down from veteran guard Rajon Rondo, who compared them to those of a Motel 6.

Rajon Rondo Motel 6

Due to the contagious nature of the coronavirus, extraordinary safety protocols were put in place by the NBA, an effort that is requiring the league to house players within a bubble setup.

That approach is meant to protect the players and team staff on hand for games that begin later this month. Given the continued growth of the virus within the state of Florida, it’s clear that such protections are necessary for the safety of all involved.

The accommodations are certainly much more modest than a standard NBA player’s home, which could be problematic for some, considering that the NBA Finals will extend into October.

However, Rondo’s social media statement runs the risk of making him seem out of touch with the current crisis, with the virus already claiming the lives of over 130,000 Americans.

All 22 teams that resume the 2019-20 season will get in a few weeks of practice before a week of exhibition contests, with the Lakers’ first regular-season game coming on July 30 against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Exactly how deep a playoff run that Rondo and his Lakers teammates will have is unknown, but it appears that for now, getting used to his new surroundings should become a priority for Rondo.