Report: Posters for Lakers Games in China Taken Down, Sparking Fears of Cancellation

Brad Sullivan
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The continuing fallout from the politically charged social media statement made by Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey could end up resulting in collateral damage for other NBA teams.

That list of other teams now includes the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets, whose two preseason games in China are thought to be in danger of getting cancelled after posters promoting the contests were taken down.

The controversy first began last weekend, when Morey tweeted his support of Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters who have been fighting the Chinese government. In response, Chinese leaders indicated that broadcasts of the preseason games would be cancelled and were threatening more severe actions.

Morey ended up deleting the tweet and then apologizing for his actions, but that appeared to have no impact on reducing the anger of Chinese officials. The chief reason why the story has become so important deals with the financial ramifications involved if the issue isn’t resolved. Both the Rockets and the NBA as a whole had developed lucrative relationships in China over the past few decades.

The status of two preseason games wouldn’t ordinarily be a topic of deep concern, even for the teams that have traveled great distances to play in the contests. The difference in this case is that the impact of any cancellations could reverberate across the NBA for years to come.

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